Create 5 line staff for percussion

I’m sure this is remedial stuff. I am experimenting with creating a percussion kit with multiple players prior to working on my project. I made a player and assigned four instruments. Then I went to “…” to edit the percussion to create a five line staff. Although I have clicked on the five line staff option, it has not worked. Also, I don’t see all the instrument names in layout on the right. This is the dead end for me so far.

Look in the layout options for the part you’re working on:


Thanks for showing this. This might help to solve my problem. Percussion is in my layout and I am assuming all four parts are contained in it. I went to layout options per your suggestion and nothing changed. At a point, when this step is resolved, I plan to edit noteheads and possibly position on the staff.
Drum Sample 2023-02-03.dorico (781.0 KB

The version of the project you’ve uploaded doesn’t have that layout option set to 5-line Staff as shown in @sspharis’s reply.