Create a complete page with notes and frames and save it as a master page

Hello Community,

if I change the layout of a page, then these changes only apply to one page, but not to the layout of the master page.
When I change the layout in the master page editing, I can’t see what it looks like with notes and lyrics.
How is it possible to create a complete page with notes and lyrics and then save this layout as a master page?
By the way: When I change the size/position of frames, how is it possible to move only horizontally/vertically, show the absolute position on the page, copy frames on the page (or anything else I would do in Photoshop or something similar) and save the final result as a master page again?

Thxs, best,

Each frame has numeric positioning boxes in its Properties panel at the bottom of the screen.

These work together with the way the frame is “locked” to one or more sides of the page margins via the Constraints panel in the upper left Engraver screen.


And you can’t save a layout page as a master page. You have to do your editing in the master page itself.