Create a cue for Drums

Hi everyone

I seem to be unable to create a cue for a Drum part. This can be useful e.g. if a drum roll opens a Flow. However, when I open the Cue popover with Shift + U and start writing “Drum…” (having an instrument called “Drum Set”), there is no suggestion. Every other instrument in the score can be found. Is this a missing feature and if so - is there a workaround?

(Dorico 4.1)

It looks like the individual “instruments” within the drum set can be cued.
If you type one of c, k, f, s, r, t into the cue popover, you will see that it recognises crash cymbal, kick drum, floor tom, snare drum, ride cymbal and tom-tom. That’s with the basic kit - there will probably be more instruments recognised with the full kit (wood block, splash cymbal, etc.).

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Thanks, I didn’t think of that. Far too easy ;-).