Create a midi part for many tracks at once?

I want to create an empty midi part for a large number of tracks.

Or as an alternative, to just start entering midi notes on an empty track using one of the editors,
but that does not seem to be possible without a midi keyboard attached.

Using cut and paste makes the pasted parts have a name derived from the source track, and that gets really confusing: just tried to edit a pasted empty part for the 'cello and it was labelled “bassoon” in the key editor. Setting a selection for a to-be-made part, then double clicking in each track works , but is painfully slow.

Is there any other way to do it? Or perhaps to cause Key Editor to open on a track that has no “part” and create a part as I enter notes.

There is no midi keyboard attached to my computer: all notes go in through one of the editors.