Create a new articulation (2 dots)

Is there a way to create a new articulation (in my case two dots) so that they can be applied to a notehead?

You can’t create a new articulation. You could go Library > Music Symbols Editor > Articulation, find one you won’t ever use in this project, delete the existing glyph and replace it with a couple of dots, though.
(You’ll need to do it twice: once for each of above and below.)

Or create it as a custom playing technique.

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I’d agree with Lillie: create a Playing Technique.

Thank you for your good suggestions.
Yesterday I had time to experiment a bit.
Creating a playing technique using two of the Staccato articulation Glyphs does work. When using this playing technique every instance though will need manual adjustment to put the symbol onto the same height as a regular Staccato articulation.
Leo’s suggestion of changing one of the musical symbols of articulation for this very project only sounded good, but somehow I could not work it out. I tried to change the musical symbol for the composite articulation Staccato-Tenuto. For some reason I could not find the original articulation under musical symbols/ articulation. Strangely enough this combo was to be found under the glyphs. I did not want to change the glyphs, just the articulation using it. Anyway trying this route I got stuck. There might be a misunderstanding from my side…