Create a new category into MediaBay

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to know if it is possible to create a new group into the Category field of MediaBay in my Cubase Artist 6.5.

It would be great for me to have a new group and put all my new drums loops, instead of having a lot of elements into the usual Drums&Perc group.
Is it possible?

Thanks guys! :smiley:

Don’t want to bother you guys…
No answers for this question?

Bye :wink:

The answer is found in the operation manual under “The MediaBay” chapter, e.g. on pages 410 and 415.

Anyways, you can add user attributes and incorporate those into your workflow. I do a lot of my own sampling and manipulation, so using “custom” tagging that fits local thinking, beyond the out-of-the-box, is very cool. Though I still use the default attributes categories/sub, style/sub, etc., a custom system adds to a much better experience.

An older but possibly interesting SOS/2008 article on the topic (look under “Roll Your Own”).

Thanks so much Elektro,
I will give it a try.

Bye :smiley: