Create a new file within a file ...

I have a sound file that has several songs inside. I would like to select each song from within that file and create a new file with a new name. I understand how to select the file, but how can I pull that selected file out, rename it as a separate new song file. I want to do this to all the songs in that file. I am doing this from the file window. It is not from the montage. Can this be done as well from the montage? I need to still do some editing on the new file so I think I should stay in the file edit window. Any suggestions on how to create new files from the file window …

Many thanks

Standard question: what version of WL?

It can be done in the wave editor as well as the montage. In the wave editor, just select the part of the file you want separate and drag it out of the window it is in and it will become a file of its own - just needs saving with the correct stats (sample rate/ bit depth etc). In the montage you can just place markers at start and end of the part you need and render that part to a new file. This very much depending on WL version.

Hi Arjan,
I’m on WL 8…. When you drag the selected part out of the file… where do you drag it to? Can you then name the file…

This can be done like this: put generic regions around your inner songs.
Then, from the Render dialog, choose the option “Render regions”.
This will create as many songs as regions, each one named according to the region’s start marker name.

You have to make sure the wave window is not maximised, and then you just drag the selection outside the wave window. A transparent picture of the selection shows with a little plus sign, and on release you have a new wave window with just the selection. It is indicated as ‘Untitled*’ so all you do then is name and save it. Very fast workflow IMO.

Thanks Arjan and PG….I’ll try this “drag out the selection” and see… I’ll also experiment on the render regions. I’ll let you know if everything goes well.
Many thanks for the expert answers…