Create a New Music Symbol

Hi, I would like to ask about your help: I need to create a Common Time Signature with brackets on a left and right side to use it in some (not all) project. I could found how to edit a Common Time Symbol. It is a great feature in Dorico. But I cannot find a way to create a New Symbol on a base of the old one instead of “just” editing it. Is it generally possible? Thank you

No, but you could take one you know you won’t use for that project (like cut c, for example), and edit it.

Thank you dankreider😊 I do have an example you created for me😊 I just wonder, it would be great if would be possible to save such edition as a new symbol. Somehow…in a future:)

No, you won’t be able to define your own entries in the Music Symbols dialog, because those are the symbols that Dorico uses for things that it knows how to draw. It doesn’t make sense to add extra entries to that list because, by definition, Dorico would not know when or where to use those symbols. If you want to add a custom symbol to the score yourself, you need to use one of the other features provided in the program to do it, such as a playing technique.

Thank you Daniel for your answer. I understand your point of view. I am discussing at the moment this issue with one Sibelius user, who has interest to switch to Dorico. I think in some cases it could be still useful. Here are few examples. If somebody works on an old music project and wants to be able to work on modern one as well, he needs to create each time a new custom time signature. Of course it is possible to create a blank project, create such custom time signatures and save this project as a template. But I would prefer to create them once and to be able to use them straight from the metrum popover for example typing [C].

I think the real requirement is for a greater degree of freedom in how time signatures appear, including editorial brackets. These aren’t things we’re likely to be working on imminently, but they’re certainly not beyond Dorico’s scope.