Create a program/patch with Note Expression

I’ve been using NI Kontakt to create my own patches, but as I’ve come to understand, Kontakt is not a VST3 instrument, so Note Expression will have no effect on individual notes.

As I’ve also come to understand, only some of the programs in a VST3 instrument (like Halion Sonic SE 3) are (or can be) note expression capable, which makes me think that the development of programs with Note Expression is somewhat special. In other words, to use Note Expression, you need more than a VST3 instrument.

Does Halion 6 offer the possibility of creating a patch/program Note Expression capable?

Thank you!

Yes, it does.

Note expression volume, pan and tuning should work out of the box.

Then you have 8 custom note expression parameters available. These need to be assigned as modulation sources in modulation matrix. This depends on the patch if they are used or not.

One thing to keep in mind when creating your own instruments and using scripting. Note expression is tied to a note. If you use playNote in your script you create a new note. The note expression data isn’t automatically copied to the new note. So it will have no effect. And this is also the case with some Steinberg factory instruments (Raven, Eagle).

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What if you wanted to manually copy the expression data to the note generated by the script? In other words, what if you wanted to generate MIDI notes with the script and still be able to use Note Expression in Cubase?

Sure, you can do that. I just mentioned it as something to be aware of. You can also change or create note expression from the script. Which opens some interesting per note modulation options.

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I’m not updating to Cubase 11 anymore. I’m buying Halion 6. :grin: