Create android companion app

Hello Dorico community,
ince Dorico is a sheet music program, it makes sense that you should also be able to scan sheet music with it.

For example, I would like a companion app that scans music and saves it as Music XML so that it can then be further processed in Dorico if necessary.

And yes, I know there are other apps. But some of them cost quite a lot and in my opinion that would be a great feature for a companion app.


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Any additional app created by Steinberg would also cost money.

Optical Music Recognition is a hugely complicated area of software – even the major players that have been doing it for years can’t do it perfectly. That’s not where the Dorico team’s expertise lies.

Even if they were to stop all work on Dorico and concentrate on OMR for a while, it’s unlikely that they would do it on Android. Daniel has previously said that they are not going to port Dorico to Android, for various technical, commercial and other reasons.


I am very happy with PlayScore 2 as a companion app to Dorico. It processes and converts scans and notation files to music.xml which I can then import into Dorico.

It is also available for Android:

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