Create Audio Track with Input from Selected Group/FX Channel

I. quite often, sometimes want to internally record the output of a group or fx channel onto an audiotrack in real time. It would be nice and quick if I could right click on a group or FX channel and simply select this option… Maybe this can be done with PLE?


I usually want to create both the groupchannel and audiotrack when I want that combo.

I’m thinking if to make a track archive that is ready to go - and do the steps for inserting that that with a macro. Checkboxes are usually marked, so Enter would do in that dialog.

But had trouble before trying to automate to do named marker and open dialog and put cursor in the right field to enter name, but failed to do that.
I think you would need delays and things like that in between so not all commands are eaten in one go. Equally I suspect import dialog might not work.
I will make a try and see…it worked well, in the sense that two track combo could be inserted as many times as you want and still no confusion.
Track archive with group channel first, so that is available when input is chosen.

So a macro/PLE combo to import a certain track archive - and it could be a keypress away…