Create Basic Audio CD

I just want to declare that removing this is unnecessary. It was simple to use and very convenient. I don’t need an audio montage, cd window and cd wizard to write every CD. The version in 9.5 worked great and was easy to use. I never saw a complaint that it was there, but I do see complaints when it is removed. I know all the workarounds now, but I really did not want to add work where it was not needed. Now when I want to open up one of many Basic Audio CD files I have, I have to open it as a cumbersome montage, go to another window or set of windows to fix and rearrange. Just unnecessary. Did it really take up that much space in the software? It was a tool and a useful one. More useful than many that still exist in the program.

Yep! Bring it back!!

Absolutely agree!

Please consider this: this is a matter of changing habits, to switch from basic audio CD to (simple) montage. And you will even discover advantages later.