Create Crossfades between overlapping events

For good reason more or less every other DAW does it this way: When events are dragged over each other, a crossfade is created automatically over the length of the overlap. This can be later edited in any way needed. In Cubase I still have to select the second event, then hit X. On the whole this costs a lot of time when editing audio material.
In fifteen years of music production I haven´t yet had a single use for overlaps without crossfades. Even if there are, the case of crossfades on overlaps is extremely more likely and should be the default. One could redefine the key command X to removing a crossfade instead. There could be an option to disable the function in the preferences if anyone should not want it.
The auto crossfade function by Cubase has severe limitations and is no substitute (no visible clue if material is crossfaded, can´t be edited, limited in length). It could be cancelled without substitution and Cubase would be simplified by another step.

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You can enable Auto Crosfades and set as default.

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Needs to be simple and straightforward like in Presonus Studio One 5 and visual feedback on this!

the issue is Cubase lane editing system. People wouldn’t want much of the time long auto-crossfades when editing a large overlapping stack of events. Would definitely need to be a preference.

Current Auto-Fade is more of safety to avoid pops/clicks

I know. Autofades don´t have fade lines and aren´t editable individually.

Very long autocrossfades aren´t useful, I agree. But if you had a simple key command to remove such fades that are too long, it wouldn´t be a problem. Usually you don´t have long overlaps anyway. That´s more of an exception.