create cue inconsistant display

i’ve noticed that when you create a cue, the pink highlight doesn’t go out until you hit update (from the cue panel, after using suggest cue).
However if you copy a cue (ie, copy the same cue from the first trumpet to the second trumpet), the pink highlight goes out immediatedly.
minor observation for the devs to check.

I don’t find this to be the case. Can you provide more detailed steps to reproduce the problem, please?

in the example do :

1 open cue menu, change resting to 5sec, press update
2. select instr -> tpt 1, press create cue,
(first question is why can’t now select flute from playing instruments box in lower right ? )
type flute into cue dialog box, enter
3. stretch the left handle of the flute cue to measure 4. note the red box did not go out.
4. ctrl-c, move down to tpt2 staff, hilite the whole rest, ctrl-v, note the tpt2 cue red box did go out, but tpt1 red box is still highlighted.

just a little inconsistancy. (468 KB)

I’m still unable to reproduce this problem even following your steps, either in Dorico 2.2.20 or our current development build.

strange. I can easily repeat it. i am working on windows.