Create cues from staff with multi-notes

Is there a way of having Dorico select ONLY the top note in a staff that has multiple stacked notes or multiple voices when creating cues?

I have a cello staff with a divisi, voice 1 and voice 2, and need to have voice 1 be the cue for my contrabasses.
Except Dorico keeps inserting both cello voices into my cues.
This moves the default rest for the bass part WAY outside the staff.

I’m afraid not. You’ll have to employ some clever workaround like adding an extra instrument to your project and adding the notes that you want to cue there, then exclude that instrument from your score layout.

ahh, I was afraid of that.

Then please consider this as an addition to my wishlist for Dorico 5.5? or 6?

Cues should really never be multiple voices (except rather exceptional cases.)

It would be tricky to implement, I’m afraid. You could consider using a real divisi and condensing that in the score – the cue could then be of just one divisi section.

hmmm, I’ll look at that possibility.

I think I could also simply insert real notes for the cue and resize them?

I seem to recall someone mentioning a way of forcibly inserting whole measure rests?

the music is in 5/4 in spots, so it would have to be a “default whole bar rest” appearance.

You can always insert bar rests: put the caret into the target voice, then type Shift+B and enter rest into the popover.

By the way, the whole bar rest and resizing, works perfectly.
I also removed those notes from playback.

OK, I figured out how to add that missing rest.

And it works great, thanks.