Create custom chord progression from a base

Hi guys. I’m creating an ear training tutorial where users are asked to recognize a chord progression, such as C G | Am F.

I would like to use some audio base, with several instruments (not just a piano chord progression), in order to have the exercise richer and more interesting.

I do not have any demands at all for the bases to use, I would explore different tempos, genre, instruments, etc…, with no problem.

What is the best way, if any, to create as quickly as possible, many of these bases in Cubase? Or should I use some third-party plugin/service to do that? I found many websites that offer free/paid loops, but you don’t get to choose the chord progression.

On the contrary, inside Cubase, I can insert loops for individual sounds but they do not mix well together if used in conjunction with other instruments. So in this case, I always end up doing the base by myself from scratch.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Thanks a lot for your insights!

One possibility might be to use the capabilities offered by the Chord Track in combination with the Chord section of the Inspector on one or more Instrument tracks.

Optionally also arpeggiating Midi Inserts or the Step Designer Midi Insert.

Do you mean bass guitar sounds?

Do you mean “bass”?

Based (see what I did there) on the context I think that @ilwoody wants to create a basic backing Track and not a Bass Instrument Part.

The things @Nico5 suggested are great starting points. One key element in this is to set the Tracks playing the VSTi’s to force the Notes to follow the Chord Track.

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The new Cu(base) chord to midi decipher feature is also a great way to start if you have a guitar handy. I can (base) this on the fact that I’ve tried it and it seems to work great. It (bas)ically cuts chords track time in half. It also translates well when laying down a (bass) line or any other VSTs arraignments. I could see it actually becoming my first (base) when I start a project. Whether or not it’s the first thing I do I will definitely be using this on a regular (bas)is. :grin:

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I guess, the argument can be made, that talking about chord recognition is definitely not just all about the bass,

In that spirit, there’s also some Cubase productivity goodness to be found via using Chord Pads.

And/or using the high level transpose functions that can be applied to midi (or audio) events.

p.s. Related: Secret screen capture from recent video conference with Cubase product manager:


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If the question actually is “How do I get some kind of backing track based on a chord progression the quickest way”, maybe some app like Band-in-a-Box would be the better choice to begin with.

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I think Band in a Box is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s an exceptional tool for teaching and practice that I’ve used with my students for over a decade.