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After I created my master and default pages, add time/key signature, default text, added bars, etc. is there a way I can save that as a template? Then go to create a new project from template and I can select the set up I have such as “Piano Solo Custom” or is there a different workflow to achieve this I should follow? I searched the forum on help area but all I found was pointing me to creating master/default pages.

Welcome to the forum Sebastien-Jacob!
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That is what I get when I do File>Save as Project Template.

[Edit] Congrats to the Team. It’s the first time I create a template and I can’t believe how easy it is!

Thanks for the warm welcome. and your quick reply! That’s what I was hoping to also have but I don’t have “Save As Project Template” I did google a lot and search forum first but had no luck. I’m using 3.5 can you let me know what version you’re using?

That’s a new feature in Dorico 4!

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I was thinking that but I didn’t see it listed in the ‘whats new’ I was reading. Maybe I missed it. I was tempted to upgrade before and now I think I will… Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

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Please read the Version History document. It does list everything that is new and explains how to use it!
Version History 4.0.10

Will do! Especially now that Im proud owner of version 4. I’ll review this document as I imagine the website/videos highlight the major updates/new features.

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