Create Cycle Markers Based On Parts?


Suppose I have a (MIDI) track already cut up into parts. For example, I have a MIDI track 800 measures long and I have used the alt-Scissors to cut it up into 100 8-measure parts.

Is there any way to quickly assign 100 cycle markers, 1 for each of those parts?


I could imagine a Macro:

  • Transport > Locators to Selection Range
  • Transport > Insert Cycle Marker
  • Navigation > Right

Hi Martin.

By Macro, do you mean something that the Project Logical Editor could do, or do you mean driving Cubase thru an external Macro program such as Macro Express? ( )


I mean macros in Cubase. In the KeyCommands window, you can arrange your own macros (chain of commands).

Ah, very good, thank you! I will look into that.

OK, that macro sequence works fine. Thanks again!

Is there any trick that would allow me to operate it repeatedly for all the parts on a track in one go rather than having to invoke it manually one-part-at-a-time (which may typically be 50, 100, or even more times)?


Now, you can use Project Logical Editor:

If Container Type is | Equal | Part | And
Property | Property is set | Event is selected


  • No Action

Function: Transform
Macro: Your Macro.

Then úst select all events, and apply the Project Logical Editor preset.


If all the parts are selected and then the PLE is run (as suggested) then the result is a single cycle marker created, spanning from the start of the first selected part to the end of the last selected part.

The goal is to create multiple cycle markers, one for each selected part (or for each part on a selected track, if that is the more appropriate definition to use).

From other discussions I’m taking it that the PLE, when doing Transform then Macro, really just runs the Macro once, not once per found object.

If that is the case, then either the goal is impossible, or it requires some other craftiness that hasn’t surfaced yet.

You could conceivably loop several PLE presets and macros, but all this is beyond the scope of what it’s supposed to do. In any case, using the macro Martin provided you can hold down the shortcut key you assign to it, and it will repeat ad infinitum.

I just duplicated a midi part 100 times, and it took about 1.76543 seconds to complete. :wink:

I’m indeed finding Cubase Macros to be very useful.

Many operations have been reduced from needing, say, 10 x 50 = 500 manual actions to needing only 50 manual actions.

In some cases those 50 can be done very quickly, and in some cases a slower more deliberate pace of manual invocation is required.

Nevertheless, much better than w/o the Macro.

Still would like to to be able to “do for each found object” though, with each new iteration not beginning until the prior iteration is complete.

Nothing beats being able to do a job in a single operation! :smiley: