Create default layouts in the desktop version for the IPadversion

Is there a possibilty to make default layouts on the desktop version, which one can import and use in the Ipad version? At the moment unfortunately there is no way to edit the default setups for new scores in the IPad version. I hope this will be possible with one of the next updates.

Any project that you open in Dorico for iPad will retain everything that was set up in that project, whether it was created in Dorico for macOS/Windows or directly on the iPad.

No, that wasn’t my question. Perhaps I must explain it more precisely. If I open a xml file, Dorico uses a kind of default setting for the layout, e. g for the heading of the parts. I don’t want to have headings for the parts. But I don’t know how to generally get rid of them, as there is no default file which can’t be adapted. My idea was to prepare a default file in the desktop version and import it into the Ipad version. Is it possible?

You can set Layout Options and save them as defaults on the iPad version, same as the desktop.

If opening an XML file is still using the factory defaults, then import the XML file into a new document, rather than opening it directly.

Sorry, but I don’t get any further. I don’t know how to save settings as default, which have an effect on new scores. Of course I know the option in the menu " save as default" , but if I choose this setting and press " apply", it doesn’t have any effect on a new score. In fact I don’t even know, what’s the sense of this function.
And I don’t understand, how to import a file into an existing score. I can’t find any option therefor. Where is this import function?

In Layout Options, there’s a button that say “Save As Default” at the bottom.

Actually, I don’t think the iPad can import XML into an existing document. That’s only on the desktop, sorry.

Exactly this button “save as default” doesn’t have any effect, if you create or load a new score (e.g. a xml file) . Thats what I meant in my previous comment. IMO it’s a kind of bug and I hope it will be fixed.

If the XML import doesn’t have your defaults, you can restore your defaults to the file with another button in Layout Options.

Which button do you mean? I don’t want to set my settings to each file individually, rather I 'm looking for a default setting, which works for all new scores.

Here’s a picture from the desktop version, but the iPad dialog is the same.

  1. Set all the options as you want, then press “Save As Default”. They will now be used for all new documents.

  2. In the case that an XML import doesn’t use the defaults, press “Reset to Saved Defaults”, which will apply your defaults to the current document.

Thanks for the hint, but it doesn’t work. I chose the setting “Show the headings in the parts - never” and pressed the button " use this as default". Then I chose another part ( which had a heading) and pressed the button " use the default setting" . The result was, that the heading was still there. What’s wrong?