Create Drum Map From Instrument

Using the latest Cubase 8.5 and Groove Agent 4.2

Start with a new project and adding Groove Agent as a VST Instrument.

Clicking on Drum Map, “Create Drum Map From Instrument” is grayed out.

How do I enable this feature? I am trying to follow a tutorial and am stuck at this step.

did you load some kit in Groove Agent ?

Yes, drum kit and patterns loaded.

Interesting note here, I had loaded Acoustic Agent Vintage Kit. Again, trying to follow a tutorial here.

Deleted instrument, Reloaded Groove Agent, (clean project with only GA instrument track).

This time I loaded up Acoustic Agent Rock Kit.

Now “Create Drum Map From Instrument” is active.

Thanks Lee!

I was having the same problem but I followed your procedure and now it works! :smiley:

Create drum map function is only possible with VST3 instruments, maybe a vst2 version was loaded?

No BFD3 is not VST3 and create drummap is avaible in cubase !


Just re-qouting things.

Create instrument maps is a VST3 function, however it could be built-in into vst2 instruments it seems.

Steinberg Developers must give better user feedback. Importing Drum Maps from Virtual Instruments