Create Group Channel or VCA Fader Channel based on Routing

When I run out of headroom in a session I will often open the mixer section then I try to find all channels, instruments, groups and VCA faders routed to the master buss. I will select these channels combining mouse clicks with the shift or command functions. Once all the relevant mixer channels have been selected I can right click then assign them all to a new VCA fader channel. I can then lower the volume of the entire session before it hits the main stereo buss regardless of automation etc.

This is straightforward enough as it is but when my track count gets high it becomes tedious to select all the channels that are routed to the master output buss (especially with sub groups and other VCA groups already in place). It would be nice to pull down an item in a menu that says something like Select all channels with outputs equal to “Stereo 1&2” or “Mix LR” , etc. or even "Create VCA group for all channels with outputs equal to “Stereo Out” etc.

Is there a way to do this now? I’m not seeing it. Thanks

Select Stereo Out or what you call it - in mixer.
Right click in mixer, and Visibility Agents and do “Show channels connected to the first selected channel”.
Then only channels connected to your main out is visible.

If that might be a start - and select all and do your thing.
But there is no undo for this, or history - so visibility might have to be redone.

I also come to think of Project Logical Editor that allow to select tracks from name at least.
But it required a naming convention you use - like giving “-MA-” somewhere in name to start with for Main Outs or similar.
And it also allow several alternatives names to be used, so if you have a signature how you name tracks - it could be useful.
Then if reoccuring - you can have assigned a key command to this PLE preset and be done in a flash to select at least.

Thanks. These sound like good solutions in the meantime.