Create Hitpoints from MIDI

is there a way to create hitpoints in an audio part based on notes from a MIDI part?

I would have a MIDI part with drum notes (some will be fading in), and I would record the audio from that. MIDI and audio would then perfectly aligned.
Then I would like to slice the audio into individual samples.

I’ve tried with calculating Hitpoints, but I’ve not been able to set the parameters to match all the individual notes without also adding hitpoints in the middle of some of the slices…

If I could get the Hitpoints from the MIDI part, that would be perfect :slight_smile: But how?

hitpoints are made from the analyzed audio so I don’t think that would be possible

Could there be other ways to achieve what I’m looking for, then?

maybe you could do something in Groove agent and use the setting there to set your trigger points etc then re-trigger by midi

I don’t quite understand what is your goal I guess. if you already have the midi drum notes, why would you want to slice to individual samples and then replay it back to midi? so the only thing I can’t think of to suggest for now is to dump slices to GA and play it back there

Use the MIDI to create an audio event. For example, use the MIDI notes to trigger a snare - anything percussive - and bounce that to audio. Now that take file and put it into a folder with the other track you wish to edit. Turn on group edit in the folder. The use the quantize panel to slice, giving full priority to the rendered MIDI track. Then mute/delete that temporary audio track.

I can see that it sounds like an odd thing to want to do :slight_smile: I’m triggering the drum sounds of a sample library using all kinds of different settings, and then I want each of these hits to become their own individual sample, so it’s easy to assign them to individual keys.

I haven’t worked with Cubase since the mid 90s on an Atari. Been a Logic user for many years, but have now ditched my Mac and been trying to get acquainted with Ableton and now Cubase again. Full circle, I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for your responses. I’ll play around with it and come back here when I find a solution.