Create invisible notes in the score

Is there a way to hide, in the score, notes outside the range of a vst instrument, which are used to trigger an event?

This isn’t necessary. Just insert midi trigger regions.

Edit: I’m sorry; I think this is a D5 option.

Yes, you can add a staff(right-click > Staff> add staff below), input the notes, remove that staff (either by reoving the signpost, the remove staff command or simply hide it using the breaks visibility feature).
Hope it helps!

A second staff would have to send MIDI to the same VST and channel as the other instrument that you’re seeking to control.

I agree that ideally, upgrading to D5 would give you the feature that you need most easily.
Otherwise, you can just create a note in a new voice and hide it.

Or use a hidden playing technique to trigger the Playback technique for which the Expression Map defines a MIDI action!

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I don’t think that’s a problem. And actually, I believe it’s the method described by @Bollen for his own mockups. And they are nice :wink: