Create Markers From Video Cuts

I found this option on Logic, and i really miss it!!

You can, on a click, create a marker at each video cut found on a video. The software finds the cuts, and creates a marker on each one of them, this helps a lot to navigate and to edit to picture.

If else, you have to get and EDL (witch is useless nowadays, no editor uses them for the video track count restriction) or worst, do it manually, a real unnecessary effort when having a computer to work on it!!

In logic is called, create scene markers or something like that.

+1, this feature would be very nice!


That sure would be a valuable tool to have in Post! +1

You can also ask for a video edl. (CMX3600).


Can’t believe I’ve missed that. That’s really useful!

Fredo, you ROCK!!’

I can’t believe I missed that too,

The only thing I’m realizing is my edit session is in 23.98 and the edl is at 24 frame. any suggestions?

thank you

But Some Video Editor can’t export the EDL (CMX3600).

AFAIK, all video editing programs can export edl’s.


If you can’t get an EDL there is a brilliant little program for PC users called Handysaw
that can create a CMX3600 EDL from a video file. You can import that edl into Nuendo so that every cut will be defined by cycle markers if you setup the import as such, then just double click each cycle marker and you can have your shot clearly defined with the left and right locator. Can massively speed up the editing process. It’s not free but it’s been a great investment for me.

It doesn’t work with all video files but I just convert my working video file to a small file for it to scan and create the edl. It’s worth the conversion time.

If Nuendo itself could create cycle markers from video files, there would be a lot of seriously happy sound editors.

Im all for getting/finding tools that help our daily work.
But if you are serious about what you do you’d better learn to get everything you need from the editors every time they deliver to you. It is very quick to export a video EDL.

The video EDL is good prep work as you automatically have the basis for any picture changes and the following need for a reconform.

Plus we need video edls for reconform anyway.

hi guys i had posted with the same idea this post

didn’t knew at this time that logic was doing it.

This is a little crazy but its free. Download Da Vinci Resolve 12 for free and use this tutorial to export your edl. HTH.