Create metronome/tempo track matching audio file?

Hello there.
This is my first post, and I’m trying to do something that apparently is not possible on Cubase 10.5 Elements, so I’m looking for an alternative way to do so.

I have an audio recording of a live performance which had the perfect tempo flow for the song, and now that we’re recording the album, we’d like our drummer to record it with that specific flow. The song requires very gentle tempo changes throughout, and since we’re not able to play it together at the moment, I’d like to create a tempo track with the metronome variations of that specific performance.

From my research, I think that Beat Detective (Pro Tools) can do that, and I’m not sure if more advanced Cubase versions allow me to do so. Can anyone suggest a plugin/software/trick/whatever to do this? I’m on the verge of cowbelling it all the way and use that as a metronome :slight_smile:


Why not route headphones thru to a record track on the DAW so you have the tempo(s)? Record a click track too that way?

In cubase pro you can do that. In project there “detect tempo” item that fill your tempo track. It does not work that great though.

I actually do that often to record metronomes as audio tracks, but that’s not what I’m looking for here. What I intend to do is to find the tempo out of an audio track and create a tempo track with those tempo automations.

I can’t seem to find it in my Elements version, but if it doesn’t work great, then it’s not that useful. Is there any other way of doing something like this? A plugin or a software of some kind?

It’s not in Elements, only in Pro. It can work really well, I’ve had great success on some pieces with it.