Create MONO instruments in Cubase?

I’m sure this is easy but I’m at a loss on how to actually do it. I’ve gone to “add instrument track” and selected “Massive” but I do not get any option to make it mono like I do in Logic / AU version of Massive. I want to run some synths through my outboard guitar pedals (which are mono) and I’ve already setup the external FX in the VST connections, but if I put my mono external FX on a stereo instrument, on the left channel passes through my pedal board.

The only work around I’ve found is to create a mono FX track, set my instrument output to “none” and send it via a send, but this still isn’t quite right as its going to collapse the stereo instrument to mono before sending it to the pedalboard, when I simply want to load a mono version of the instrument.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I think it is not possible in cubase. Only way to achieve mono is to either insert a stereo to mono plugin or route it to a new mono group channel.

If the patch itself is stereo, what else can a DAW do but either a) collapse it to mono, or b) split the stereo and use just one side?

You can use the the combined panner to create a mono signal out of an stereo track without passing it through any effect or additional bus.

Yes. Dorremifasol is right. I forgot about that. Thanks.




Right click on the panner and select combined panner. Its useful to reduce going out of phase too.