Create music notes with color in Dorico SE

I am new user to composing software, Does Dorico can create music notes with different color ? I mean instead of using black, is it possible to change some notes with red color?
Thank you.


You can change the color of notes by changing their color property (it’s in the bottom properties panel). Also Dorico will display different voices in colors if you switch on view>notes and rest colors>voice colors.

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Depending on the meaning you want to convey with the colours, you can also use a coloured notehead set (Figurenotes).

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Hi Janus and Lillie,
Thank you very much for your answer.
What I am trying to do is to high light some certain notes in a bar.
I want to change one of the notes to red color…I don’t see this function in Dorico SE…

Open the Properties panel in the lower zone:

Select the notes you want to make red, then in the Common section of the Properties panel at the left-hand side of the window you will see a Color property. Activate the switch, then click on the coloured swatch to open the colour picker and choose the colour you want.

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I found this function, thank you so much…
I just tried it… and notice that, it only can changes the note heads to different color, but the music stem remains in black…wish to have the entire note with color changed…

I’m afraid at the present time there’s no way to colour the stems of the notes, sorry.

Hi. Is there any way to alter the colours used in Figurenotes Noteheads? I want to use red for C, orange for D, yellow for E, light green for F, etc.

In Dorico Pro you can edit these noteheads via Library > Notehead Sets.


Then I assume, that applies to ties too?
Although it seems weirder to me, because Dorico tells me the tie is colored, but it is not. See the attached example: both ties are purple colored (Dorico shows me this in the property bellow), but they remain nonetheless black on screen.

Ties don’t currently support having their colour changed, I’m afraid.