Create new audio track with drag & drop missing ?

Hi all,

In N8, we could drop an audio file in the project window in between two existing tracks and have a new track created automatically.

In N10, I can’t anymore, is it just me or the behaviour has changed to what it was before N8 ?


Working properly and the same as N8 here on my system.

This is totally crazy, that function does not exist in my N10 !

As well as the auto-fades are totally broken for me (and not for everyone)

A lot of settings from my other Nuendo versions came smoothly across after install (profile, keycommands, preferences, audio connections)…but not all

I have some cubase versions too so I don’t know if N10 looks at these folders also or not…

Can someone please tell me what I could try to trash and let N10 rebuild it, if that’s worth anyting ?

Or do i have to go through a complete re-install of N10 hiding all other steinberg folders prior to installation ?

Any ideas/help welcome


This was unfortunately removed in N10.

It wasn’t removed from my N10.

I’m dragging files from Windows Explorer directly into the Project Window. Once my mouse is over the track name area, I get a green line that moves up and down with the mouse. When the green line snaps between any 2 tracks, releasing the mouse button creates a new track containing the audio file I pulled over. This is always how I add new files as it’s a single move and also automatically populates that file into the Pool.

Sorry, there’s an important part of this the OP is talking about specifically, that was… :wink:

The key bit being overlooked is dragging and dropping anywhere onto the Project Window itself - not just the Track Header, where you’ve always been able to do so since the feature was introduced. Now, that’s the only place where this works.

I’m speaking about Cubase now - but its the same; people have built up a year’s worth of workflow (feature introduced at C9.5), incorporating this new and welcome functionality. Now, suddenly, SB pull a major part of its appeal, ‘crippling’ the speed/efficiency that was there from the off… :unamused:

The create new track inbetween tracks was “removed” because it was extremely annoying working in a well organised project setup with specific routings, etc … In Audio post, we rarely make new tracks. We start/work on a big template with specific routings.

The functionality is still there though. When you drag the file between two tracks in the tracklist Nuendo will create a new track and insert the file at cursor position. Unfortunately, the only place from where this doesn’t work, is dragging from the pool. (Mediabay and other work fine)
Draging the file into the arrangement will work as it alsways has worked in Nuendo, except for N8.


Ok, thanks, I see the change,

I’d like this to be possible from the audio pool tho. Is it by design or was it overlooked ?


It is on the Fix-list for one of the next updates.


I re-read the first post in thread and only see the desire for the function to create track (which still exists), not for dropping anywhere.

Main thing is you can still do it but dragging in from the Pool needs fixing. As Fredo says will happen.

Good to know ! Thanks.


ok; no worries…! You’ve only used it the way you’ve described (and that’s fine), so you won’t get what’s being meant/missed here… Fredo and Yannick understand… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight; its a shame you found the new functionality annoying - though I can imagine with a huge, fully loaded project, and track heights set to a minimum (2 lines), things are pretty tight. And accidents will happen…

Thing about random mistakes these days. It’s just a key press to Undo.

Not with a 300+ tracks project with complicated routings.
It’s much faster and easier to drag the file a few centimeters to the left …


I have fairly complicated routings but top out at about 150 tracks and usually am mixing a single song, so I understand your case is different.

So out of curiousity, how long does an Undo take in your scenario in the “Add-a-track” case you state above?

Not only the undo. It’s dragging the clip. Waiting for the track to be created. Delete track. (Or undo) Drag the event once again (and try to put in into the right track.

Creating a track ina fairly complex project can take up a few seconds. Undo half of the time.
Nevertheless, it is time consuming.
And remember that dragging an clip into the project folder isn’t somthing we need to do once in a while.
We are talking about a gazillion Sound Effects per movie/episode.
So after half a dozen “mistakes” you get really frustrated.


I get it.

That’s one of the things about as potent and complex an app as Nuendo. Such a large swath of users, each making their own best use of different specific aspects of the app that are the very functions they see as most critical for SB to address. And quickly.

Mixing 4 minute 150 track pop songs is child’s play (technically speaking) as compared to a 400 track feature length film. I have close friends who make a great living scoring big budget, theatrical released feature length films. What a thing that is! That’s captaining the Mothership…I just fly one fighter.

For me, Undo a single added track…no real thought or time required.

Fighter ? I’m in a glider … For documentaries I don’t usually need more than a few dozen tracks max… and using DOP for little bits which might once have eaten a whole track, sometimes even less … so maybe a hot air balloon?

Happy to stay that way too.

Dragging the entire file from Media Bay and dropping it between two tracks works,
and I believe this could be a compromise…
Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work with a selected part of the file.
This small modification would be great for all of us who work on a small projects,
and I hope it wouldn’t bother anyone…