Create new instrument without creating new channel?

Is it possible to load a VST without creating a new track? If I set a template up with remote mapping and then create load a VST, I then have to bugger about mapping the new track.
I have a workaround which is just to load the VST then delete the new track and assign one of my —already mapped- MIDI channels to the VST.
It works but is there a more elegant solution?

You can add a Rack Instrument in the right VSTi panel. It will ask if you want to create a MIDI track assigned to it when you load, but just answer no and no track will be created.
Here, Kontakt above the bar is a Track instrument and has an assigned track. HALion Sonic SE below the bar is a Rack instrument and has no associated track (until you map one or more to it).


Thank you, I will try this. There had to be a way!