Create sample track with effects of 3rd Part plugins - how?

hi yall,
i have a problem with this:

when i use create sample track i cannot use third part plugins.
also when i use third part plugins i cant use create sample track.

now my question is:
how can i fix this issue to use both variations.

because i want to use an vocal sample and pitch it up or down and use third part plugins.

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Hi and welcome on the forum,

Could you describe step-by-step your use case, please? What you are doing? How do you create the Sample Track (there are several ways)?

thnx for welcome!!

i have try first:

  1. i open cubase 11 pro
  2. open a vst ( serum)
  3. make a melody/ beat
  4. want to open create sample track with vocal sample
  5. it loads and then it shuts down or crash

when i open cubase again, get a message to dont open third part plugins…

second time i try:

  1. i open cubase 11 pro
  2. open samples of cubase only
  3. i only can use vst of cubase only
  4. now i cant open: create sample track
  5. cant open third part plugins.

my issue now is i want to combine both , but is doesn`t work.

what can i do to combine it??

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How, do you want to “open create sample track”, please? Where do you click? What function do you call, please?

and then it shut down cubase.

best regards

when i re-open cubase i got this message

when i use the first one
then i can open only cubase plugins…
but want to open third plugins.

is it possible to open those

best regards


Could you attach *.dmp file, please?
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Do you have the latest Cubase 11,0.10 update installed, please?

Yes Cubase is up to date to 11.0.10.

I dont get any Crash Dumps in the folder:
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

don`t now whats happening…


Can you reproduce it with any 3rd party VSTi, or with Serum only, please?


with any 3rd part plugins.
i can only use plugins of cubase alone.

when i search for other plugins i can`t find those.

best regards

see last picture:

when i leave it by preferences, i can begin from the start.
i don`t wanna use the last 2 options.

thats why i leave the dot where it is.

best regards


You could use the Disable Preferences option and try it out with the factory preferences. If it also doesn’t work, you can restart Cubase to get your own custom preferences back.


I used the option: Disable Preferences.
but when i want to drag the midi file in sample controle it loads and then shuts down again.


i also try it to open it in differce ways in Disable Preferences.
But shutdown also