Create Sampler Track from Drag and Drop Audio File

For a new feature in an update I would like it if we could drag audio into the project from outside of Cubase(lets say Splice) and have the option to create it as a sampler track prior to making an audio track.

This way we don’t have to make an audio track just to delete it after we select the audio to create a sampler track.

Right now the process for me is as follows:

  1. Drag audio from Splice into Cubase.

  2. Options dialog pops up.

  3. Click OK and Audio track is created.

  4. Control-Click on imported audio file and choose Create Sampler Track.

  5. Delete Audio track of Imported file.

I would propose that it go:

  1. Drag audio from Splice into Cubase.

  2. Options Dialog pops up that includes option to create a Sampler Track with imported file.

  3. Select that option and no further steps are needed to get back to creating.

If anyone happens to know how to do this already and I am just not knowledgeable of it, please enlighten me. I would love to find out that it already works this way and I’m being a numbskull.

Thank you for your time.

You can open the Sampler Control tab at the bottom and drag it directly to it.
For the next one click V so it closes the current and opens a new blank one.

Hi Ozinga,

Thanks for the response. That is a decent work around. Not exactly the same process as I’m talking about but maybe a sufficient substitute. Nothing happens when I click V though and unless none of the tracks are selected my shortcut for opening the bottom tab will always open a tab with a sample already on it. Deselecting all tracks isn’t as simple as clicking the background for me because it doesn’t always work. Then I’m left clicking over and over again hoping to deselect so that I can create a new unused sampler track.

Perhaps I’m missing a step or maybe I’m pressing V at the wrong time. Would you provide some more detail on your instructions because nothing is closing and opening on my program?


First Make sure that V is assigned as ‘Edit VST Instrument’ Key Command.Iif not you can assign any available key command. Maybe V is not default and I assigned it. If that is the case, sorry about the confusion.
I have created a video showing the workflow.

Also as you can see I added the Splice folder to Media Bay and marked as favorite. So from the Cubase browser I can also right click a sample and select ‘Create Sampler Track’ which is another way to rapidly create them.

Yes I can see that. I was able to replicate this workflow thanks to this video. However, I typically like to pull my samples in from splice as I find them straight from the splice and into the session. That way I don’t have to add any extra steps. While this is a decent work around I would really appreciate it being a true drag and drop. But in the now I can definitely see myself adapting this method as it is a bit quicker than what I was doing previously. Thank you for your response and for the helpful video.

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No Problem,
By the way you can do the same from Splice app too.
One thing comes to my mind that it would be a good option if a sample dragged to the track header area it would become a sampler track (sort of like Logic) and if dragged to the project area it would be regular audio file.

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Exactly. That would be great.