Create selection from selected region ? (or snap selection to locators ?)

Hi all,

problem: i have a region from a folder track that i want to loop a couple of times. On another independent track (group track) there is automation data that i want to copy along with it. Ususally i would make a selection in the automation lane and copy/paste, but how can i get the selection to match the length of the region above ?
Or another route: with key command “P” i can set the locators to a selection (e.g. that region) - can that be reversed, so that i can get a selection between the locators, or something like “snap selection to locators” ?
I bet this is easily possible, just can’t figure it out…hope someone can help, thanks !

Edit: i temporarily solved it by moving the group track into the folder, so it’s automation is copied along. But that’s not always what i want - having to move the GRP track up and down…still interested to know how else it can be done.


You can use the “P” (Locators to Selection), then you can switch to the Range Tool and then you can use the Edit > Select > In Loop (no Key Command assigned by default, but you can assign any). You can also make a Macro out of it.

Does it cover your use case?

Hi Martin,

unfortunately no, it selects all regions from all tracks within the locator range (loop)…not what i want, but thanks still !

Just found out, when the Range Tool is selected, it shows it’s postion and length in the info bar. I can copy and paste the locator positions in there (after using “p” on the region), then i get exactly what i wanted, but it’s still kind of complicated (i love shortcuts :).

Working on some film sound, wondering if Nuendo has this function ? I guess this must be required quite frequently for automation editing.


I was thinking, you don’t want to do this Copy & Paste, because you have to go back and forth. Yes, this is definitely the way.

Then there is another way… You can do the steps I suggested and then restrict the tracks in the Info Line. There are the Top Track and Bottom Track fields.

For now this should be working, yes ! But i can imagine i’ll come across this quite often soon, so…

Then there is another way… You can do the steps I suggested and then restrict the tracks in the Info Line. There are the Top Track and Bottom Track fields.

The problem is, using “select in loop” doesn’t give me a selection range, but selects the events themselves (which i don’t need). If i had an active selection range, i could just move it up or down using the arrow keys, and then onto the track/automation lane where i want it (which is a great little feature on it’s own by the way).


That’s the reason, why did I have the 2nd step:

Indeed, i must have accidentally switched tools inbetween - but - having ~300 Tracks it’s too complicated to limit to the one track i need. However…drumroll…just found the super easy solution:

With the Range tool selected, double clicking on the event/region will create the selection from it - tadaaa ! :slight_smile:
Since ages i’m using the range tool, but never realized this behaviour.
Thank you Martin, without your help i wouldn’t have found this. Have a nice weekend !



I didn’t know this feature. Thank you very much for sharing!

Have a nice weekend

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