create seperate midi-tracks from 1 midi-track

Hi all,

Perhaps a beginners-question, but anyway…
I recorded a midi-track with several hits on several types of toms. Now I want to pan the individual hits and change their volumes, and perhaps later on use some FX as well. What is the fastest/easiest way to do this?
Should I make extra midi-tracks and move every single hit to 1 type of tom to its own dedicated track and then make the adjustments?
So each kind of high-tom on its own dedicated track, each kind of mid-tom on its own dedicated track, etc.
If this is the (only/right) way to do this: Is there a QUICK way to do this?
Or should I leave all the ‘notes’ in the 1 track and use another method to adjust the volume and panning (and perhaps add some FX too) inside the track itself? Perhaps through automation?

Thanks for answering in advance!


The easiest way is to set up the pan (and effects) directly in the instrument (VSTi).

Othervice yes, separate the Pitches (MIDI > Dissolve MIDI Part - Pitches).

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your answer.
I will go for the dissolving!

For the record, this is really an asinine labeling of this function and Ive never understood the labeling, must be a language difference.

Dissolve MIDI Part - Pitches

Should it not be SEPARATE MIDI PITCHES TO TRACKS??? If all the midi is already on ONE track it is in fact dissolved into one big midi bowl if you will and needs to be SEPARATED.

This function is hard for people to find due to the naming of it

For the record, I do all the drum programming on ONE track then use this function after that to separate pitches to its own track

Hi Shanabit,

So true!
I was also confused by the word …
But happy that now I know how to handle separating MIDI-pitches to tracks!

Thanks for your reply.

While the function Dissolve is excellent, the most “natural” name for it would – imho – be “split,” at least in English.

To OP re: Panning Toms (or other parts of the drum kit).

The easiest way, imho, is to pan the drums inside of GA (assuming GA). Some of the stock drum kits have panning assigned.

To go deeper, one may assign the drums (GA SE) to Audio Outputs and use those for panning, effects – while more time consuming to set up, this offers a great deal more flexibility in mixing since you do not have go into the Instrument to edit the Pan. Once a Kit is set-up, save it as a Preset so you won’t have to do it all again next time.

In GA nearly everything can also be automated. That can get crazy, but, it’s also sometimes very useful. (extra hands)

I find the “Dissolve” functions more useful for taking a track featuring chords which are then split into different tracks for re-assignment to other instruments.

You also might want to investigate use of the MIDI Logical Editor’s “Extract” function. This is useful if, for example, a range of notes want to be moved to a new track. You’ll hit a learning curving on the LE if it’s new to you, but the “extract” and “copy” functions it offers are very useful at times.

Anyway, there’s lots of ways to do any and all of this. What’s best depends on the project – how much time to allow for this or that.

Good luck with it.

Thanks for your reply.
Spot on!
I use Addictive drums 2, where its also possible to adjust settings and fx.
The Logical Editor’s learning curve is yet to be climbed by me :slight_smile: