Create several listenings in cubase 5,1

This topic might already exist but I don’t know what it’s called so I post a new one.
My band rehearse through cubase 5 (PC) and two firepods to which we have connected drum mics and mics to the amplifiers. We currently send the main mix from Cubase to the firepods and then from the main firepod to a headphone amplifier to which we have connected 4 headphones. Can anyone recommend a tutorial or explain how to create 4 “main mixes” so that all 4 members of the band can have their own mix with individual volumes etc? I dont know all the proper terms for this so above might be a bit poorly explained. Much obliged!

It’ s called “monitor -” or “Cue-Mix” and can be accomplished with the “Cue-” or regular sends in Cubase.

Thanks!! So, now I have one main output in cubase which is sent from the FP card to the headphone amplifier. On the back of the card there is room for more headphone amps, do I need to create new “mains” (3 additional as we’re 4 in the band) or can I create 4 Cues in cubase, send these to the first main and then direct the created cues to each and every headphone in the headphone amp?