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This is the silliest thing ever… trying to complete the create support request in My Steinberg. I log in, my details are prefilled (Name) I tick technical support request, click continue and nothing happens!
any ideas? Is there a way to report this without resorting to the phone?
Oh its just to report a couple of annoying bugs in 12

Thanks Andy

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you can also report bugs here in the forums:

Thanks Nico thats brilliant I will do that but would love the support request thing fixed too

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report that as a separate issue, too? - although that’s getting pretty meta :rofl:

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Tick something else than technical support and it will lead you to the next page. There you can still select technical support. I think they do that in order not to be overflowed by bug reports. We must use the forums instead but here they ignore 90% of major issues…


Hi, I just tried that and it crashes out of support back to the Steinberg home page

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Which then does not go conform at all with the repeated statement that this forum is not a Steinberg official support forum but a user forum :wink: I like their humor. I also can only recommend to open support tickets (which technically works for me, about the response/resolution rate, no comment).


Unfortunately very true

Really they are that slow ?
I used Presonus support once and received every single response within 10 mins to 1 hour (during his work time)

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It depends, by my experience I sometimes got fast response (2-5 days), many times it took 2-5 months + a reminder from my end and few times cases were closed without any comment.
Rarely my issue was acknowledged, and very rarely it was promised and hold, that the confirmed issue I reported will be addressed in a next maintenance update. Quite often it was said, it is like it is, or sorry, it can’t be solved anymore in the product live cycle and I also once got an outlook that great things are goint to happen, which was a complete rework of the mix console. This was in Cubase 10 and now we are in Cubase 12 and nothing was changed in that area (no grouping of channels, no moving of channels, zones are useless when it comes to many channels in either left or right zone , gui, meter scales etc.) Anyways, I will continue to open tickets with their support system because it the official way and in case for any complaint I can use it as my reference. As I did not move to Cubase 12 I can’t open cases any longer of course , since Cubase 11 is dead and will be left with all the good and the bad. Sad but true.


I bought Cubase 12 update but 5 days dont get email with download acces code.
And can not create support request. Eyy Steinberg what’s happened?
Help me please.

Thanks in advance

I have the same problem. I want to unregister a soft eLicensor and I understand the only way to do it is via a Support Request but the website just doesn‘t accept the creation of such a request.

I would appreciate any help. If the support feature needs to be removed, then remove it from the site!!


Please check this page to see which countries are directly supported by Steinberg:

For European countries, when creating a ticket, please select “Other Inquiry (not for technical support)”, then in the next page “Technical Support Request”. This page you will be redone eventually.

For other countries, please contact your local distributor:

Feel free to start a new topic if you have any other questions.