CreateProcess Error= 267 Java Security - Directory no Valid. why?

Hi… I’m trying to install cubase element 12 on a third pc from the Download Manager, and I get the following error… I’ve done several reinstallations of windows and I don’t know what to do… everything indicates that it’s a download manager error because it even appears that I downloaded the program when I haven’t. can you help me or should I contact support? Thank you!

Please make sure that you have the latest Java installed.

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ok!! thanks! I will!

dont work… same… downloaded java 8

Make sure you log in with an Administrator account on your PC.

t hanks but dont work…

My solution was download Cubase.exe without STeinberg Download Manager… was imposible with it… then I activate my licence… Is an error of SDM.

I find it incredibly unbelievable that this error even occurs without SDM requiring Java to be installed. Could easily have come as a bundle (like so many other software’s do).

Same thing happened to me with Perforce the other day which wouldn’t run, because VS redistributable wasn’t installed.
Why wasn’t this addressed on install? same with SDM? THIS PROGRAM REQUIRES JAVA. Its not that hard.

for me it is still impossible to install any Steinberg program normally with the SDM… It never happened before using my SDM… the technical support did not help me because my country is not in their jurisdiction… is it my mistake? ? I don’t think so because before it worked fine, and now it doesn’t… I even tried to install the beautiful Java and nothing… no idea what to do… it’s a frustrating complication that I’m sure our friends at Steinberg can easily solve… Right?

Same here @novato4evah
How did you download the installer with the SDM ? I’ve been unable to find it, I need it for both Cubase 12 and Wavelab 11. Rather important unfortunately :frowning:

And don’t worry about the technical support, your country and all that. I’m definitely in their jurisdiction and they have never been able to help me out.
I’ve done the same, Java install, admin right, everything. No information in the error other that it just won’t run.

Rather frustrating here - I got the installers for both programs now, but when installing it just installs various components, ASIO drivers and more, but not the actual software. Useless.

I found a solution for me… Try download your cubase 12 apart… only in steinberg WebSite… Dont use SDM for this ., but let it instaled in your PC.

install cubase normaly and then activate it with the activate manager… This works for me… Do the same with other software… :wink: I hope you can get a solution like me…

running the installer doesn’t install cubase or wavelab for me, just installs drivers and a few other things. hmm.

just checking here, but the installer says it can’t run a process in c:\program files\steinberg\download assistant…

but that isn’t where download assistant is installed to begin with. Interesting.

Update Java to the latest version.

Create the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Install Assistant folder manually.

Run the Steinberg Download Assistant, click the Settings button, change the Download directory.

Click the icon for your version of Cubase in the Steinberg Download Assistant and change the Target folder, or reset to default.