Creating a Child Window


I have to implement a child window for allowing users to edit preferences of my VST plugin.

My main window is currently rendered from the controller using the uidesc file. I have added a button to this main window. When a user clicks this button, the preferences window should open up.

I have been struggling to get this right. I am fairly new to VSTGUI and the only real documentation is reading the actual source code, which I am slowly doing.

In the meantime any pointers on the correct approach or some code or just about any advice on achieving this please ? What classes should I read upon to implement this ? thanks

Just build up this “child view” via uidesc and create a controller which handles it and then after creating that view you use frame->beginModalSession (modalView) to start a modal session for that view. Your controller than later on needs to call endModalSession() when it’s time to stop the modal view session.