Creating a Dolby Atmos .mp4 with Nuendo?

Is it possible to create a Dolby Atmos .mp4 that plays on regular consumer devices with Nuendo without the Dolby Mastering Suite?

Don’t think so.

Too bad, kind of makes it incomplete.


was also kind of hoping, that this the case.

In an offline-approach (CMD-line), the Dolby Encoding Engine (DEE) can be used. Atmos in DD+ works for an MP4 file. Speed is around 1:1 to real-time with 12 tracks, perhaps a bit faster. Is on Win10 PC with Intel i7 with 4 GHz.

Am currently trying to find out, how to purchase DEE. No response so far from Dolby. Don’t even know, whether it can be purchased stand-alone? Or is it perhaps part of Dolby Atmos Production Suite (Mac only) or only the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite ($$$).

For DEE, an evaluation license can be requested. Just download, install, place the license-file received by email into the correct folder.

BTW, DEE runs only on Windows or Linux. No MacOS version.

LG, Juergi

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It is strange how Dolby buries info on their encoding solutions. “Contact us” is all that you get on their site. I believe this is because their encoding software is very expensive. And to top it off, if I remember correctly, I think I read somewhere DEE was moving to (or is already) a subscription-only model. :-1:

If Dolby really wants Atmos music to be a new standard, they need to get the tools into as many producers’ hands as possible. This means affordable, cross-platform solutions.

How about the Dolby Conversion Tool?
Does that output mp4?

I checked and it does not.

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Good info. Thx.

Edit: Further remarks or questions deleted, since I did not grasp the “not” in Max’ post.

LG, Juergen

Yeah, tried that too.