Creating a flow from existings bars?

I have a one-flow project. I’d like to make everything from, say measure 20 to 30 into a new flow. Can this be done?

Have you searched the online manual for splitting flows?

(And at least in the Windows version of Dorico 4.1 the Help link works as designed.)

There’s no specific “make this selection into a flow” function, but you could either:

  1. Use the System Track to Select bars 20-30, copy, create new flow, paste
  2. Duplicate Flow (in Setup mode), select downbeat of bar 1, Shift-B -20 Enter, move to downbeat of new bar 11, Shift-B -1000 Enter
  3. Duplicate Flow (in Setup mode), select downbeat of bar 20, Write > Split Flow, select downbeat of new bar 11, Write > Split Flow, then delete the redundant flows.

Depending on whether there are time/key/clef changes in the first 20 bars of your existing flow there may be some clean up (or some copying and pasting of that information) required.

I don’t want to split a flow so I would never have thought to search for “splitting flows.” The terminology Dorico uses for some things are not the words I would think to use when searching so I sometimes can’t find what I’m looking for. I want to “create” a flow so I search for “create a flow” which tells me how to create a new flow in the setup menu. What I want to do is take part of a flow, not from measure x to the end, but measure x to measure y, and create a new flow. As such, splitting isn’t a relevant solution. Cutting and pasting into a new flow created via the setup menu, then deleting excess measures in the first flow (which I already understood how to do) is the ideal way to do it.

Thanks, as I mentioned above, your solution is one I had thought of. I did look for what I was after. I frequently search for the wrong words, words Dorico doesn’t use, in the help. So I asked the question here in case I missed it somewhere.
I was importing an xml file with theme and variations. I thought it would be nice to make each variation into a different flow.

If what you have is a theme and variations contained within a single flow, Split Flow is probably just the ticket.

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As Leo said, Split Flow is tool to use. Also, it’s quicker to work from the last split forwards to the beginning of the file.

For what I’m doing with a theme & variation, split tool works great. I would have never thought to search for that in the help. (For my original question, creating new flows & cut/paste would be best).

Two interesting things happened when doing the split. There was no time signature at the start of each flow. (I know I can go to the properties panel and unhide the time signature. If there is an option to show the time signature at the start of each flow I couldn’t find it). Each of the final measures of every part I wanted to split had a double repeat bar. The final bars of the newly created flows did not have a repeat sign but, as expected, the first bar of each flow did have a starting repeat sign.

Still learning this complex program.