Creating a legato sound between slurred and unslurred notes

Hello. In this passage (for solo cello, played by Noteperformer) I would like to eliminate the unmusical gap between the two A’s in bar two. The slurs indicate the bowing (which I don’t want to change) but I understand the lack of slur on the second beat of bar two creates a “natural” indication in Play Mode’s “Playing Technique” lane.

I can create the sound I want by placing a slur over the whole two bars, suppressing playback of the existing slurs and hiding the big slur (video in comments), but is there a better way? I have tried dragging the right hand end of the note to increase its played duration but it makes no difference to the interpretation, presumably being overridden by the instructions in the Playing Techniques lane.

Any suggestions?

I’ve also posted this on Facebook.

Result of hiding a big slur over first two bars, and suppressing playback of existing slurs:

Maybe the “legato” playing technique might help? I’ve used it with NotePerformer and it sounds good.

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Thank you Stephen. It does work, but perversely you have to write it over the note after the unwanted gap. In the real world, I would expect to see the word legato at the start of a legato passage. In terms of playback, this is the easiest solution - I just need to hide the instruction anywhere it’s needed.

You could also try setting CC108 to 1 for that passage. That turns on always tenuto