Creating a Macro to Add a Pair of Guitar Tracks

I would appreciate some help creating a Macro please. I’ve never made one before.

I want to create a pair of Mono Audio Tracks, one for the “Left - Stereo In” input, taking a feed from my mic’d guitar amp, and one for the “Right - Stereo In”, taking a feed from the same amp’s “Pre-Amp Out” jack. The idea is to Record-Arm both tracks and have a mix of the two sounds on two separate tracks, both recorded at the same time as I play my guitar. I’ll then be able to apply different effects to each of the “sides”. I don’t just want to record them as a stereo track since this limits how I apply inserts to each side. (If I’m wrong, and it’ s possible to apply effects to one side of a stereo pair, please tell me.)

Is this easy to do via a Macro?

I’d also appreciate some suggestions of how I best organise this pair of tracks. Should they be in their own folder? Should I also assign them to a Group Track so they can be mixed as one? If so, can these operations also be assigned to the same Macro that I requested above?

In applications like Word or Excel, it’s possible to put the application in “Macro Mode”, and it just records every operation you do. Is this possible in Cubase or do Macros have to be built manually, one “Add Command” step at a time?



Unfortunately it’s not so easy.

The easiest way would be to use the Add Track > Using Track Preset… The problem is, you can specify the preset by using Macro. If you don’t use the Track Preset, you have no way, how to set the Input of the newly created track.

The best way would be to create a project Template, which would work perfectly in case, you always want to start with this setup in a new empty project. If you want to add this to an existing, project, then you cannot use the Project Template.

Another way would be to import from project.