Creating a New session...

I created my own Template which is under Recent in the New Projects window. When I click once on the template name, on the bottom right, it doesn’t say Create, it says Open. How do I change that so that I can Create using the template and not Open?

Everything under Recording, Scoring, Productions, Mastering and More says Create. I’m sure there’s a way of doing this?


Use “Save as template” on the file menu.

I already saved my template. That’s not the problem. The issue is “creating” a new session, not “opening”.

When you save as template, select the Template Category in the Attribute Inspector in the “save as template dialog box”. If you don’t select this it will appear under the “More” tab in the hub.
Is this what you need?

Well I figured out how to save under Productions and then “Create” a new session, but when I do that, it doesn’t retain the title I saved the session as. Say I title the session “This Song”, when the Project window is up and running, the title of the session is “Untitled1”. Question is why didn’t it save as “This Song”?

In order to save it according to the title I want, I have to do a Save As.

In Pro Tools, when you start a new session, I save the session, and it retains the title, etc…

Again, when you’re loading ‘This Song’ from one of those categories as you do, it is only loading as a ‘starting’ template for your new project. Then, as you say, you need to do a ‘save as’ with your new working title; it is just the way it works Dean. There have been requests to get it to work more like PTools - but architecturally, this may be a very involved/major project to re-code.

That’s what I figured. Thanks for your help.