Creating a new template - show page and staff size?

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I’m taking my first forays into creating custom project templates. I see that when I use them for a new project, they don’t display the correct page size or staff size, just “Letter” and Size 3 for me. They do load correctly.

Am I missing something? Is it possible for the new project dialog to show the correct page and staff size of the selected template?

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Hi @dan_kreider . Do you mean from the Hub, probably?

I can confirm this.
By me (in the Hub, selecting custom created templates) appears A4 and Size 3 (both greyed out) despite having created them in different formats, and also the Music Font and Text Font areas are greyed out. But they load correctly.

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Indeed. Thanks for confirming.

This is the expected behaviour. You won’t see the page or staff size used by the project template in the Create New page of the Hub, but the project will use the expected values all the same.