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Hi - sorry if this has been covered before but I cannot find exactly the help I need…

Have started a new project from a Dorico template - concert wind band. I have added the instruments, players and the mixer set up that I want, have written my piece, and now want to use that setup as the basis for future concert band works.
Naively, I deleted all the notes and most of the bars, etc., from the project so it contained no music - saved it (as a normal Dorico file) as the basis for more concert band pieces - and then imported stuff from an orchestral work (Dorico native file) as the basis to transcribe for band.
However, all kinds of weird barline and note placings have appeared in the new work. Despite resetting beam grouping, re-inputting time signatures, etc. it appears that Dorico does not automatically regroup stuff as Sibelius did when you changed the time signature. (Also, I found Sib’s template creation more intuitive).
I presume the weird stuff is a legacy from my incorrect template creation.
So - (a) how do I create a new concert band template that gives me a blank canvas.
(b) remedy the weird barlines so that, say, 4/8 doesn’t have bars 16 or 20 quavers long?
Many thanks.

Have you seen this?

Sorry - no. Still working with 3.5 and haven’t upgraded yet.
Thank you

This is untrue. Dorico beams according to whatever beaming options are set to for any particular time signature.
However, you might get unusual bar lengths if you change a time signature that is earlier than another and Dorico cannot give you a complete number of bars. The solution in that case is to use insert mode (press I) before changing the time signature and Dorico will pad the last bar with rests. Failing that you can add time to the incomplete bar using (eg) shift-B +2q

No. In D3.5 you create ‘templates’ exactly as you did - essentially a blank project with your instruments and other options set up.

That sentiment is hardly going to endear you to this community!

Hi. - thank you for that help.
I’ve been a long time user of Sibelius (from version 1 - and was a Beta tester) - but the fact that I converted to Dorico as soon as I was aware of it tells its own story! I love Dorico- much better than Sib but not yet perfect. And, it takes time to make the transition to a different system to become second nature - especially in an old git like me and set in my ways!

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and THAT sentiment is not increasing openness and freedom of thought in this community. <:-)

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