Creating a pick-up bar in Dorico for iPad

Guys, Good morning! Lately I try to put anacruse on my rojemos and I can’t, I only see the options of putting 1/2 , 1, 2,3 time but I don’t know how to put any other, someone can help me in advance thank you and I wait for your help.

It looks like your pick-up here is one quarter in length, right? That’s a 5:4 tuplet of 16ths, so it occupies one quarter’s worth of time.

Therefore you should be able to either use the Create Time Signature panel on the right-hand side in Write mode, or use the Shift+M popover (if you have a keyboard connected to your iPad). For the popover, you enter 4/4,1 and hit Return.

In the Operation Manual:


Thank you! What is the foundation of the comma and the number, I’m already asking another one for when I need to do any other one!

See here:

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I put some here, I just couldn’t put anacruse of the half-mattre, EX: 4/4,0.5 (Necklace) I tried to reduce it to the semi-mattre and it wasn’t!

Cristiano, it should be 4/4,1

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It´s not bro

I finally got it! The value is 4/4,0.25 (Semi-Semicheia) 0.5 (padded) …