Creating a project to include an imported Audio track

I imported an Audio track into my media folder. Now, I want to create a new project that:

  1. Uses this imported audio track
  2. lets me add several other audio tracks
    to create a completed project.
    How do I accomplish this please? Step by step would be VERY helpful. Thanks!

Create new project
New track / audio
Double click on the audio file and it should be in the track.

Repeat for the rest.

Thank you so very much!

So, now, the newly-created project self-saves?

Stephan Grasmuck >~iii~<()

As far as I know yes
Mixdown is a separate options
It’s really very easy to operate especially if you ever worked a console and know what routing and gainstaging is. (look for videos on YT)

Thank you very much!

Stephan Grasmuck >~iii~<()

Hi Stephan_Grasmuck,

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Please check if our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial is of further help for you, to get familiar with the app in no time!

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the additional help, frankdoorhof - greatly appreciated!

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Thanks, Lars.

It would be great if there were a manual for Cubasis, something with an index. The app is so “deep” that it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole and get lost. It gets frustrating.

Thanks for this. I’ve bookmarked the video link you sent.


Stephan Grasmuck >~iii~<()

Hi Stephan_Grasmuck,

Here you go:

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Thank you!

Stephan Grasmuck >~iii~<()

Hi Stephan_Grasmuck,

Thank you!
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Sure thing & welcome… :slight_smile: