creating a single part from several events

page 75 of the manual says "you can select several events on the same track and click on one of them with the glue tool. A single part is created’

I’ve got a track made up of different events which I’d glued together. When I open the audio editor i don’t have one part but a whole heap of different parts all over the place.

I guess this is because I’d glued the different events piecemeal over a period of time as the wording from the manual says something about ‘selecting several events’ and ‘clicking on one of them with the glue tool’ to create a single part.

Thus I went back through and resplit at each glue but now I can’t see how to ‘select’ these several events. Can anyone help me with this (I guess) very simple procedure?

ok so i worked out how to select several parts at once (holding down shift and using object selector), however my audio part editor is still just a mess of bits and pieces for this track.

I need to have it all together as one part so I can work on it as a whole in the sample editor (right?).

any and all help much appreciated

ok ignore that…got it (to some extent) using bounce…sorry about those 30 seconds or so you might have spent looking at this thread