Creating a single STEREO track from two MONO sources

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two mono.jpg
I would like to take these two tracks, and create a stereo version of them (panned hard left and hard right of course).

What’s the QUICKEST and most ACCURATE way to do it? Is there a quick way? Like a right click–> Convert to Stereo Track or Create a New Stereo Track From…

Would it just be to Export Audio Mixdown… etc…? This seems a bit cumbersome. Not to mention in a track count of 100+ u have to scroll down to the very bottom, then DRAAAAAG it back up to the very top… etc. :slight_smile: And I normally end up doing this ALOT.

And just a side-topic, is there any way you can tell Cubase to Export tracks so they end up RIGHT NEXT to the selected track? Man this would save a buttload of time.

(Haven’t listened to the tracks you attached …)

I’m not known for doing things like this efficiently, but I can start it out with at least ONE way to do it, and then the smart guys will come along with the BEST way to do it :slight_smile:

  1. In your startup project template (you do have one right? :wink: ) -
    ** Have a few Groups pre-named “SFM A”, “SFM B”, etc. (“SFM” - “Stereo from Mono”).

** Also in your template, have a few mono audio Tracks pre-named “Mono Left to SFMA”, “Mono Right to SFMA”; “Mono Left to SFMB”, “Mono Right to SFMB”
– Pan the output of these Tracks hard L or R, depending on its name.
– Set the output routing of these Tracks to the Groups described above (instead of default Master Out).

2) There, that’s all the set up and “hard part” that is necessary!

  1. So, whenever you record mono that you want to make into stereo, record into the audio tracks above, and Bob’s your uncle.

Next up …

I see you have Wavelab. That’s probably the best way; set up a batch processor to combine the source L/R tracks into single stereo tracks. Since it looks like you’re mixing tracks from a different source, just start by doing this batch processing, and then start the Cubase project with those stereo tracks. Alexis’ method should work fine for self-recorded tracks, although directly recording in stereo would be much simpler…

Hey fellas!

Thanks for the replies gentlemen! Yes Alexis, the group assign taskforce you suggested is usually how i go about doing it. But I guess I’m being a spoiled brat here… I just hafta do this so damn often, i wish there was a quick way to maybe just SELECT both tracks, have a hotkey set up, and WHAP! out comes a NEW track that is a stereo version of the two mono sources. Or maybe a DRAG feature where you could select the track and DRAG it onto its counterpart and WHAP! stereo track. Maybe I’m being lazy.

Arjan, that’s an interesting idea, i’ll give that a whirl. But again, just seems strange that something that would seem so simple to code isn’t in there.

Notice, however, theres way to SPLIT a stereo source track upon import :wink: