Creating a slow sine wave line tool in Key Editor

I want to apply a slow sine wave variation to MIDI notes in Key Editor. When I select the sine wave line tool and stretch it along the events, it defaults to one cycle per beat of the bar. How do I reduce the frequency, so that I can, for example, easily create a slow and continuous variation in velocity?

Hold down shift key. You assign a length, hold shift and drag it out and set the amplitude of the wave. You may have to compress, expand or otherwise adjust after the draw. Play around with it, it’s a great feature. It will take you a little practice, but it works very well once you get used to it.

The value is locked to your current quantize display, so if you want a sweep over four measures, you may have to first zoom in to see that you have only one or two cycles of the shape.

Thanks for that. I could find very little in the manuals about it.

It is in the manual somewhere I think, but it should have a big highlight note about this. It’s a great feature and I only found it from watching videos.

If you get a curve you’re not exactly pleased with, sometimes, the MIDI logical editor is a great way to adjust things, rather than re-drawing. Enjoy! :slight_smile: