creating an 8 channel output bus

How can I make, or can I suggest that stienberg include a preset for an 8 channel output bus that comprises of a SMPTE broadcast standard 5.1 mix plus an Lo Ro

ch 1 = left
ch 2 = right
ch 3 = center
ch 4 = LFE
ch 5 = Ls
ch 6 = Rs
ch 7 = downmix left or Lo
ch 8 = downmix right or Ro
the same should be doable in Nuendo

this is standard stuff in Broadcasting but I find that I can’t do an export of 8 channels on 1 wav file. I have to generate 8 mono’s and then bring those mono’s into Audacity to export a single file with 8 channels where the first 6 are the 5.1 mix and 7 and 8 are a stereo downmix.

suggestions? help?

Unfortunately Cubase only supports up to 5.1 or 6 channels of surround.

… so you need Nuendo :wink:

Nuendo doesn’t do it iether

Nuendo goes all the way up to 10:2

just upgraded to nuendo 5 and I am playing around with using a 7.1 preset I can create an 5.1 mix but instead of the left of center and right of center channels I need them to be a stereo downmix of the 5.1.

any tricks?

Try the Nuendo forum!